Sunday, February 27, 2011

Superman was adopted, too

2008, the kid's 2nd birthday

I wish I could find the pictures of the kid as a newborn. He's wrapped up in this Superman cape. Now, those of you who know hubby IRL (in real life), know how much he is obsessed with (uh, I mean, loves) Superman. It's apparently an obsession that started when he was a little guy himself, when, according to my MIL, he would insist on having a towel pinned to his shirt and jumping, errr flying, off all manner of furniture. It's a "love" that has persisted - movies, comic books, Smallville; he loves them all. I think after we decided to adopt, hubby decided he was even more devoted to Superman, because, don'tcha know, he was adopted, too.

2009, the kid's 3rd birthday

So, when hubby's family had a baby shower for us after we told them we were adopting, it was natural that we would receive from his aunts a Superman cape. It's the one thing hubby insisted on packing in the diaper bag we took to the hospital. And, we just had to have pics of the kid wraped up in it. Since then we've taken pics of the kid with the cape every year near his birthday.

Baby E, day 2
So, of course when we were on our way to the hospital to meet baby E, the cape had to be in the diaper bag. And, the 2nd day of his life, he had his pic taken in it, too. We'll take pictures of him in it every year, too. I love that we will have these pictures of our boys.


Mona said...

SuperKid & SuperE = SuperMOMMA! Loving this post :)

Anonymous said...

MIL here.......look in one of your scrapbook albums of the kid downstairs. I believe the pic you are looking for is in one of them. You are so right about hubby.....and his always wanting a cape on so he could be "Superman" when he was a little boy. I was always afraid he was going to jump off something and break some important part of his body!!