Monday, May 7, 2012

The Kindness of Strangers

I know I owe you some updates. About what we did on Pay it Forward Day, for one. But today I'm going to give you an update about baby E and weaning.

I am, once again, touched by the kindness of my fellow human beings. Because of a several women, we have enough milk to continue nursing for now. For at least - hopefully - another couple of months. My heart is full and overflowing that these beautiful women have offered baby E and I the opportunity to continue our nursing relationship.

A friend had some milk in her freezer that she offered to share with us. Also two complete strangers have popped up. One read my post on a FB local babywearing group asking for milk. The other was connected to us through our local natural parenting store (who has connected us to many other women throughout this journey). They're all our angels. As are the women who connected us to them.

I feel silly for worrying. Because, in truth, every. single. time. we have almost been out of breastmilk, more selfless women have stepped up, shown up with frozen bags of goodness, to share this unique gift with us. There is so much to be said for just asking for what you need.

Just so you know, we did try the almond milk. It was complete no-go. I mean, as in heeeeellllllll NO, woman, do NOT come near me with that devil juice. I will continue to try, though, because it just seems like a good idea (in case/when we start to run low again).

This is truly how you pay if forward, people. In a small and yet immensely meaningful way. I am honored to be the recipient of this gift. Although, truly, baby E is the ultimate recipient. We both thank you.

Today's lesson: Really, there truly is so much to be said for just putting it out there, letting the universe know what you need.


Elizabeth said...

So great. I am constantly reminded that for all that is wrong with the world, there is also a lot that is right. There are some truly good people out there.

AS said...

I'm so glad it worked out and Baby E still has breastmilk. How wonderful to have such women in your life.

Jenn and Casey said...

So happy to read this!!!

callmemama said...

That is wonderful news!