Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers' Day

Mothers' Day is an emotional one for many. For those who aren't raising the children to whom they gave birth (for whatever reason)...for those who are still waiting to become pregnant or have a child placed with them through adoption...for those whose mothers have died...for those who are estranged from their mothers...for so many reasons.

This year, it's a difficult one in our house, too. It's the first without MIL. It's hitting hard. It's odd. Usually this is a day where I am kind of the center. But this year, that doesn't seem quite right. Hubby has been trying, but in many ways it's him who our little family needs to focus on. He so misses his mother. And days like Mothers' Day, just come as a slap in the face sometimes.

This Mothers' Day I am thankful. For my own sweet mama. For all the birthmothers in my life (including the boys' beautiful birthmoms, L and R). For my Grandmother (seriously, y'all, she is one amazing woman - remind me to tell you about her one of these days). For the women who care for my boys when I am not with them. For all the other countless women in my life who have mothered me or my children when we've needed it.

And I'm sending out a special prayer for all of you who have arms aching to hold your babies. And for those who are aching to be held in the arms of your own mothers.


Today's Lesson: How lucky I am, how lucky my children are, to have such wonderful mothers in our lives.

Also, for those of you waiting to adopt, or even TTC-ing, here's a great blog post for you.

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