Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Court date!!!!!!!!

Just got off the phone with our attorney's office. It looks like we (hopefully) finally have a court date for next Friday to finalize baby E's adoption!!!! I'm a bit surprised (because I really have been way laid back about this whole thing), but I'm kinda tearful. I'll just blame it on the not feeling well thing. Yeah, that's what it is. Or not, but whatever. Actually, it seems like this is a valid thing to feel a bit emotional about. I mean, it's kinda big. Yeah, it's awesome.

After all this waiting, it just seems overwhelming and surprising that it's finally ending. And, by "ending", I mean I guess I've still be kind of on edge - without really realizing it, so this will hopefully lesson the anxiety I have just realized I was carrying. After waiting so long for him to be born, it didn't feel real that he was really here, until we got home. And then the whole R maybe changing her mind. I guess part of me was still waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. I kept thinking that the finalization wasn't a big deal because he was already ours (and R and D's rights were already terminated). I think I was afraid of the 'what ifs'. But, by God, this is a big deal. And we are gonna celebrate that little guy. We are gonna celebrate our whole family.

Today's lesson - I consider myself to be pretty introspective. I'm constantly analyzing what's going on inside myself, trying to tease out why I feel or react a particular way. That said, I totally missed the bus on this one. So, the lesson? Hell, I don't know. I'm sure it's in there somewhere. Excuse me while I go blow my nose. It's allergies. (And maybe I am crying a little. Whatever.)


J Melton said...

The lesson is that even those of us who are introspective can lie to ourselves, particularly if putting up a good front is important. Including putting up a good front for ourselves.

Shan said...

Dropping by from 3hearts2hold1love. Congratulations. What a lucky baby to be so loved.

Becky said...

thanks, j. i totally agree with you on that one. (shocking, i know)

shan - so glad you stopped in - hope you come again :)

Emms said...

That is so exciting!