Friday, May 20, 2011

Court Date (for real this time!)

So we actually have a court date - YAY!!!!! The lawyer's office called this afternoon and it's set for Wednesday 6/1 @11am. It's kind of an inconvenient time (being at the end of the school year, and right in the middle of the day), but we're so happy that it's scheduled and that our family and friends are going to join us. It's a special and momentous day and wouldn't feel right without them there to support baby E and us. They've been right there with us through the crazy rollercoaster ups and downs of this journey and it's right for them to share the end of this part of the ride as well. We're looking forward to sharing a celebratory lunch with everyone afterwards as well. What a beautiful, joyous day it will be!

Today's lesson - sometimes we have friends who know us well, yet aren't what we'd consider close. I think relationships with those people can be uncomfortable. It's hard to decide what is safe to say, and what you should stay away from. Just because you know a lot and have a long history, doesn't give you the right to say something such as "oh your baby doesn't sleep through the night probably because who knows that his birth mom did while she was pregnant with him". Some things are better left unsaid, even if they're in your head. Especially if you don't have a particularly close relationship with the person to whom you're saying it.


Emms said...

So exciting! I'm glad this part of the journey is almost over for you.

Kasclar said...

Congrats on finally getting a court date!! And wow, I can't believe someone would say that to you, to anyone, no matter how well they may or may not you. That's just rude!