Monday, May 9, 2011

Another finalization update

So this week we had our visit with baby E's Guardian Ad Litim (aka the attorney appointed to assure that it is in baby E's best interest to be adopted by us). It was brief (maybe 20 minutes) and he asked minimal questions. He was kind and apologized for "asking all these really personal questions when I know you've already been approved by 'the Cabinet'" (aka social services, which really I guess we were since the paperwork our agency did got sent to them for final approval - I think). I kinda laughed, because, really, the questions he asked us ("tell me a little about  yourself" and "is it in his best interest for the adoption to be finalized?") were nothing compared to a lot of the questions you get asked when you're going through the process. But, again, he was kind and brief, both things I appreciated.

This week we also got the bill for the final half of the adoption fee. ((sigh...)) That part stings a little, or a lot. I mean, damn adoption's expensive. I keep trying to tell myself that we'll get most all of it back next year with the adoption tax credit, but it's gonna be a long year. (And I keep trying to convince hubby that we need to just put that money aside for baby #3, but that's not going so well yet. He keeps coming up with other ways to spend it, like furniture for our sparsely furnished basement. Practical crap like that. We'll see...)

Good news is the guardian said that hopefully we'll be able to get a court date next week. Not that THE court date itself will be next week, just that our attorney will be able to go to court to request a date, which hopefully will be soon. It's a process.

Today's lesson - some day my baby will sleep through the night. This may be more of a desperate affirmation, or plea, than a lesson.

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Emms said...

Congrats on one step closer!