Sunday, May 15, 2011

Or not.

So apparently we overestimated the confidence of the woman from our attorney's office when she said we'd have court next week. Baby E's adoption finalization hearing will not be happening next Friday. Suck. She called me back Thursday and said that the judge wants to meet with our attorney, the guardian ad litem, and the agency's attorney on Friday and they will then set the court date. I'm not sure why, especially since the agency's attorney has nothing to do with it. They didn't attend the kid's finalization and I confirmed with our worker yesterday that their attorney isn't involved in any way. So, I'm kinda confused and a little concerned. I am hoping that our attorney's office is just confused about the agency atty needing to attend,. Our worker said maybe she was thinking about with private adoptions, as things are different with those. Idk, but I am just a little nervous at this point. I was starting to think something  would be easy-ish. But apparently not.

Someone reminded me that it will happen when it's supposed to. And logically I know and agree with that. However, the pit of my stomach is on a different wavelength and hasn't gotten the message. I realize now how much better I'll feel when it's just DONE.

Today's lesson - sometimes Blogger sucks. It was down earlier this week for quite a while. It says it was only a day. Well, uh, my blog was down for longer than that. AND it deleted one (long) post and several comments. So, J, please don't think I deleted your comment, because I really liked it and am sad it's gone. So, yeah, boo on Blogger.

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Emms said...

Big hugs and hang in there! I'm,sorry its delayed!