Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dear Toothfairy,

The kid had to write a letter to that tooth fairy. He lost another tooth last week (and is kind of starting to look funny because most of the new ones haven't made lots of progress in growing in yet).
The reason for the letter is because of where he lost it. He was at gymnastics class, doing what he does there (you know, nonstop movement). He jumped in to one of the pits, and came out with one less tooth. Now, me, well, I'm totally grossed out by this. I mean, his tooth is down there in that pit. It will never be found. And it makes me wonder what else is down there in that pit. Seriously, just ew.
Anyway, back to the kid. He was really concerned that the tooth fairy, you know since she's rather unreliable at our house anyway, would either not realize she's supposed to come to our house, since there was no actual tooth in the pillow, or wouldn't believe him that he'd lost it. We assured him she would know, and would fish that tooth out of the pit.
But apparently he still needed to make SURE. So he wrote this note for her. He wrote and spelled the whole thing himself. The picture is  by far my favorite part. It cracks me up. Mostly because that is just about what his mouth looks like right now.
Today's Lesson: It's funny the things that make our kids worried and stressed. Like the tooth fairy not delivering.


chhotopakhi said...

I needed this adorableness. :)

peg said...

Those pits always disgust me! That's so cute that he wrote a letter to confirm the tooth loss. Oh and sometimes the gap-toothed smile can provide a great memory later - my kindergarten picture is adorable with me pushing my tongue through the hole where my two front teeth used to be. lol

Alex said...

Love this - and the pic! Cracking up...

Kelly said...

When Mack lost her first tooth she was at my parents house for an overnight. They had set the tooth on a saucer on the table since her TF pillow was at home.

Shortly after she put her tooth up there, my Mom's dog jumped up on the table and ate her tooth. She was very worried.