Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Camping, and Boating, and Boys, Oh my!

(Subtitled: Another post in which I steal pictures from my mom's FB page and use them to write a blog post because I'm too lazy to download my own pictures on to my laptop, much less my blog, although now my laptop is all jacked up which seems like a good excuse for why I'm stealing my mom's pictures. Again.)

Hubby, boys, my mom and I went camping this past weekend and had a ball. My FIL let us borrow his boat, and some friends came down for awhile, too, both of which made it even more fun! Here are a few photographic highlights.

Baby E was all about driving the boat. As in he had a meltdown when it was no longer his turn. And, no, we didn't let him drive  by himself because, you know, the steering wheel is higher than his head. And he's not even 2.

The kid just likes to drive fast. Like, the faster the better. This doesn't surprise me about my boy in the least.

But mostly, he loves to swim.

This looks like it should have hurt, right?! I guess the life jacket covered up enough that it didn't. Because he did it several more times, laughing hysterically the whole time.

E wasn't really so sure about the lake. He kept trying to stand on my legs when his little toes felt them. He did like a game we dubbed "Fish", where we would push him in the water from one of us to the other. This became apparent due to the enormous grin on his face while he was floating between people. I tried not to let all the lake water that was going in to his mouth because of that goofy grin freak me out too much.

Boys enjoying fire. Seriously, the love of fire seems to be ingrained in the Y chromosome.

Um, yeah. He likes beer. Beer drinkers beware. He will steal your bottle if you leave it unattended. This one, fortunately, was empty.

Shew, camping, boating, swimming, a crazy schedule, no sleep (I think we may have to resort to giving baby E the melatonin when we go camping), and hot weather wear a toddler out. Throw in some serious sunburn and a thousand mosquito bites, and you've got a worn out momma, too.

Life is good.

Today's Lesson: There is nothing better than tons of outside time, running, jumping, swimming, digging, climbing, sweating, and laughing to wear a family out. In the best possible way.


Elizabeth said...

What a fun time! Great pictures- love them all!

Emms said...

I especially love the last picture :). I love camping so much! Looks like you had a blast!

Alex said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! Good times had by all! Love the pics - especially the last one of you and Baby E!