Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Potty training the kid, well, to say it was not fun is an understatement. We started right after he turned 2. And didn't finish til, hell, I don't know when. At least a year later. At least.

So, when people would talk about potty training with baby E, I completely dismissed it. We'd obviously started too early with the kid; he wasn't ready. And because of that, well, it was horrifically stressful. For all of us. I had no intention of repeating that crap (literally and figuratively speaking). Frankly, I preferred to put it off as long as possible. Mostly because of how stressful it had been before. But also because, lets face it, his cloth diapers are really cute.

But baby E is a completely different child than the kid. And, it would seem, he's quite interested in peeing in the toilet. We've been sitting him on it at least 1-2x a day for several months. Nothing's ever come of it, until Saturday. When he actually peed in the toilet. I, of course, was at work and missed it. But hubby made a big deal of it and baby E actually got to flush the toilet. Something he's aspired to for a long time now. And that toilet flushing seems to be a good motivator for him.

So, Sunday, since I was finally home and not working, I pulled out the tiniest little unner-wuars (read: underwear) you've ever see and stuck them on him. Now, I must take a moment to express how adorable those tiny little underwear are. And, seriously, they're tiny. And yet they are huge on him. But they do at least stay up. And he thinks they're quite the thing.

To date, we've had no, that's right, NO pee pee accidents. We have had 2 poop accidents, but they've been hardly anything at all. He seems so young to me to be potty training. But, what I learned from our experience with the kid, is that the most important part of potty training is following the child's lead and doing it when he's ready. And that is what baby E seems to be telling us.

Now, I realize he may decide tomorrow he wants no part of his cute briefs. Or simply start pissing all over my house. And that's completely fine (well, the former is; the latter, not so much). Because, really, I'm kind of missing his big ole cloth diapered booty. I wouldn't mind to stick him back in them (he's still in them at night and nap time, though he's been dry after naps lately). So, we're just going to play this one by ear. And try not to get all stressed about it.  We'll see what happens...

That reminds me, I need to find some more teeny tiny briefs. 3 pairs ain't gonna cut it.

Today's Lesson: It's funny the things that sometime leave us with such mixed emotions. Who'd have thought that my baby coming out of diapers would be something I'd feel sad about.


Kristin said...

Good job Baby E! That is awesome! It is so true though that you have to listen to your kids as they will tell you when they are ready!

Alex said...

Oh wow - what a huge milestone! So important to listen to our kids, and do things when they're ready, not when our calendar says to do things.

AS said...

You are particularly awesome about listening to your kids, something I admire. Go Baby E!

Jenn and Casey said...

WOW!!! Go baby E!!!!!!! And big hugs to you, another milestone, another memory.

callmemama said...

Wow, what a big boy! I can't imagine the day we put Isaac in teeny tiny underwear. Although, with his big ole' butt, they'll never truly be "tiny", haha.