Sunday, August 26, 2012

Biker Boys

My biker boys are hardcore. Always helmeted. The big one padded up, too. Cruisin' the park with speed in mind.

Flirtin' with the girls. Flashin' smiles and yellin' "hi! hi! HI!!!!!!". Coming to a complete standstill to watch people go by. Holding up traffic. Giggling and grinning nonstop.
And that's how we roll. Literally.
Today's Lesson: Bikes are fun. I may just have to get me a bike.


Elizabeth said...

Anytime I think of childhood, I think about being on my bike. They are fun!

peg said...

Your pictures always make me smile - your boys are so freakin' adorable it hurts... I bet they are traffic stoppers!

Alex said...

Your biker boys are so cute!!! Love it!

Jenn and Casey said...

How adorable are they?!?!