Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bicycle Built for 1

As fearless as my kid is when it comes to the water, he is just as trepidatious when it comes to the bicycle.  And as nonstop as he tends to be, his stamina on the bike is kind of puny. Now, I'm not sure the reason behind either of those, but I do know that regardless, hubby has a set a goal this summer of the kid learning to ride his bike sans training wheels. So we're gonna have to figure out how to get over those roadblocks somehow.

Recently, we had him ride his bike (which now has just 1 training wheel) over to my mom's house, which is about a half mile away (or less?). She lives on a cul-de-sac, which in addition to being a great place to learn to ride a bike because of low traffic and being totally flat, is also where I learned to ride my bike.

Then my mom took lots of pictures which she posted on And I then stole them. Because she's much better at downloading pics to her computer than I am. And she loves me so doesn't get mad when I steal her pictures. I hope.

Hubby helped him first. Hubby looks all excited here. The kid, not so much.

Baby E was all, "is anybody else seeing this??!!".

And then I took a turn. And his face was all, "I don't think you know what you're doing, woman". He was right. And it hurt my back. And I apparently am getting old. And whiny.

And then baby E was all, "look how cute I am. I will cheese just for you. But not look at the camera. Because that would be entirely too much cute for you to handle".

The kid's victory pose. Because there was no falling involved. There was also no solo bike riding. But at least there was no falling. Or tears.

Today's lesson: Helmets and pads are so very important for kids. I get it that many - most? - of us didn't have them growing up and we survived. However, I see so many kids come in to the ED with serious head injuries that could have been prevented with the simple step of donning a helmet. It doesn't take more than a minute to put it on and it prevents heartache and all kinds of other problems. Please, please put a helmet on your kid. Every. Single. Time.


Motleymommy said...

Riding a bike sans-training wheels is a goal at our house this summer too. Husband and I both lost our tempers with the suddenly timid and unwilling to try to ride with tippy training wheels. I made him get off and walk home and I pulled/carried his bike all the way back home (while carrying Z in the backpack). Totally NOt my best parenting moment. Sigh.

Glad to see that Kid is doing so well.

Alex said...

Congratulations to the kid!!! What an accomplishment!

And yes, great lesson!

loveandchaosreign said...

We have the same goal this summer. Does the riding with only one training wheel help transition them? Because I'm willing to try anything right now!

Jenn and Casey said...

Aww! Baby E IS too much cute to handle. And the solo ride will come. As will the solo fall. I still have a scar from mine. And the pride! Oh the PRIDE!