Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Me: What are you making, honey?
Hubby: Almond Butter.
Baby E: Eat, eat, EAT!!!!!
Me: You know he can't have that right.
Hubby: Right. Obviously. It's nuts.
E: EateateateateateateateateatEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
E: Mulp-mease ("milk please")?
Hubby: Uh, wait. He can't have this. But we've been giving him Almond Milk.
Me: Oh... Yeah. There's that...
E: mulpmulpmulpmulpmulp. Eateateateateateat. EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me; You're gonna make him an almond butter sandwich for lunch, aren't you?
Hubby: Yes.
Me: Makes sense.
E: Yesh ("yes")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today's Lesson: Sometimes we don't really stop to see the inconsistencies in our behavior. Until they smack us in the face, that is.


Alex said...

Fantastic! I told my husband the other day that Alex can't have strawberries. After giving her strawberry yogurt...

Elizabeth said...

Ha ha! Love it! We gave G almond butter in his cereal (to try and fatten him up)prior to him being a year old- oops.

AS said...

Nice! Oh the inconsistent things we do and think. :)