Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We're all given special gifts, talents, unique to us, things that make us us. Some of us have significant athletic abilities. Some make unusual animal noises. Some have the ability to talk to even a rock and engage it in a two-way conversation. Some have mechanical abilities or can look at a vehicle and know not only what's wrong with it, but also how to fix it. Some have the entire periodic table of the elements memorized, or the ability to memorize any form of random information. Some have awesome luck and can win any kind of game. Some have an affinity for different languages.

Today I discovered one of mine. It's pretty amazing. You're going to be blown away. I - are you ready?? - have super flexible shoulders. That's right. You're impressed, aren't you? Oh, you're not. Well, let me explain how I realized this was super cool. I've known I have flexible shoulders for a long time. I mean, I can clasp my hands behind my back and then bring them up over my head without letting go (go on, I'll wait why you try to do it). But, really, in what way at all is that useful. Here's how it is. I was driving home today from class with baby E and he, as he tends to do, started screaming. So, I reached back and quickly stuck my little finger in his mouth and he promptly got quiet. I drove all the way home (about 15 minutes) with my arm at a 90 degree angle behind me. And it was fine. I wasn't uncomfortable at all. And all of the sudden, I realized, "wow, I don't really know anyone else who could do this without discomfort". I just thought my shoulder flexibility was a random (mildly) entertaining party trick. But, no, this is why I was given freakishly flexible shoulders, to comfort baby E when we're stuck at yet another red light. Wow. Who knew they would be useful??!

Today's lesson - We all have weird party trick things. And, probably, we've been given those gifts for a reason, though it may take awhile (hello, 30-something years) for the reason to become apparent. Keep up the flexibility. Feel free to envy me my awesome shoulders. I'm sure I'd love to have one of your unique attributes. So, tell me, what makes you, you? What's unique about you that others would love to have? Really, I want to know!

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Anonymous said...


Please invest in a conforter for your baby. Way more clean and healthy than sticking a finger in his mouth.

Good luck with your new family!