Sunday, October 3, 2010

Funny Things the Kid Has Said Lately

Some levity, for my own mental health. So, funny things the kid has said about his baby brother:

* "Momma, are you done milking the baby yet?" - this one he asks frequently and is in reference to me nursing baby E.

* "I feel passionate...wait, what does that mean?", I explained and he said, "oh yeah, that's what I meant. I'm passionate about my baby brother. And candy. Yeah, I'm really passionate about both of those."

* "Our family consists of 3 boys, 1 girl, and lots of popcorn." A few minutes later he remembered Jonah (the dog) and added that I was completely outnumbered, "by boys and popcorn".

* "Did you know our baby has a booty? Yeah, he does. And what comes out of it is Poppa's job. What goes in is momma's job. But the out stuff, that's all Poppa."

* And, just to show I don't think my kid is the only funny one around, this is a poem my 8yo niece wrote for baby E. I'm going to type it verbatim, because that's the funny part. It's actually really sweet and I got a little teary eyed, but it's kinda funny, too.
"E a new entring. E my new. E my new couson. I love you to. E you must know. E you must. You have a good heart, mother, Pappa, brother, cousans, and dog. I hope you remembre me. All the times we spend together. E my newest cousan. I love you always. I hope you do to. Your oldest cousan J" She also drew a little picture of him which is hilarious.

Today's lesson - a little humor is good for the heart and soul. And kids are often the best providers of a good laugh.

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