Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The voices in my head...

I realized 3 things last night as I was trying to fall asleep:
1. Yesterday's "dialogue" was actually a monologue (for those of you who get stuck on details, like maybe me) because it was more of a stream of babble, rather than a back and forth with myself. Yeah, I know. I spent too much time thinking about which it was last night when I should have been sleeping. And yeah, I'm tired this morning.
2. There's more pie at work. Yum. (Then I couldn't fall asleep because of all kinds of things, but mostly the thought of that yummy pie kept creeping in. What?!!? Don't judge. It was really good pie!!)
3. I realized that in all my babbling yesterday, I forgot the lesson! So, here's yesterday's lesson - When something keeps invading your thoughts, you should probably address it. But when you can't deal with the main thing (pregnancy and babies and all that crap) you should just eat the pie, so one of the insistent voices will shut up and you can at least get something done.

And then I realized 3 more things when I got into work this morning:
1. The pie is gone. No trace of it, like it never existed. This is sad.
2. I am grateful for whoever took the pie so it can't tempt and taunt me all day. Sure I am. That's what I'm going to tell myself all day at least...
3. My chair at work is trying to kill me. That's right, an inanimate object has it in for me. I think it's just pissed off that I ate the pie yesterday.

Today's lesson - yesterday's lesson may be wrong. Probably you should not just eat pie to shut up the voices in your head, if for no other reason that your chair might try to off you. Just eating the pie apparently, much to my surprise, doesn't work at clearing your mind. It may actually add in another (loud and insistent) voice that tells you you're going to get fat from eating the pie. Perhaps, you should just try to deal with whatever is the actual issue. That might shut up all the voices so you can get some freaking work done.

Dealing with it is also, probably, the best "professional" advice I can offer. However, we social workers tend to do better at dealing with other people's crap than our own. So, that said, I wish I had some pie...

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