Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Today's internal dialogue:

OMG, where did all these freaking pregnant people come from?! All of the sudden they're everywhere. I think I'm a pregnant magnet. Well, that's just funny, in a not really all that funny kind of way. Freaking irony. Hell, be honest with yourself - it just sucks. Yup it does. I wonder if there's any of that cherry pie left... Oh, that's great, I'll get fat and just look like I'm pregnant. Yeah, that would make me feel a lot better (dripping with sarcasm). Geez, the pregnant people are even on TV. Why was I even watching that show last night? Okay, next time the preggo ladies take over the show (or those women with their new babies - seriously I swear I see more new babies now than I did when I was working with them at my old job. What is up with that??!) anyway, I'll just turn it off. Or walk away. Yeah, I can do that. Pie, pie, pie, pie. I know there's still pie here. Damn the pie.

I should probably do some work since I haven't gotten anything I've planned done in the last few days. I mean I have been working, just not what I have planned. At least no pregnant people have come in. Well, except for the 2 who work here. Serously, the pregnant women are taking over my world. Work or pie, work or pie...work AND pie? No pie!! Just get some work done already.

I wonder what the kid's doing at school right now... I hope he's having a good day. Here comes K. (1 of the pregnant co-workers). I so like her and she's like the cutest pregnant girl ever. It kind of makes me sick she's so cute, especially since she doesn't even realize it! I know she's like completely over being pregnant. Really, who does want to be super pregnant in this horribly hot August. Oh, wait. That's right, I do. No, I don't. Not really, I just want my baby. Maybe I do though... Oh, crap. I don't know. (pie, pie, pie) I totally shouldn't have been facebooking our social worker today. That seems to have completely sidetracked my brain. FOCUS!!!!! GET SOME WORK DONE ALREADY!!!!!

Dear Lord, this is some really good pie...

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