Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Momma, can I ask you a question?"

Here are some of the (thousands of) questions the kid asks me every day. It often starts with, "Momma, can I ask you a question?".

* "What does olfactory mean?" That's right, people, my 4yo actually said the word "olfactory" correctly. And after I told him what it means, he used it later that day appropriately in a sentence, twice.
* "Is that person a lady or a man?", which was asked right in front of the person in question. I quickly herded him away. And, no. I didn't know either the gender of the person. It was a valid, though obviously inappropriately timed, question.
* "Momma, where'd your penis go?". "Momma is a girl. Girls have a vagina, boys have a penis". "Awwww, that's so sad for you" (shakes head side to side with real sympathy).
* "Is Jonah (dog) gonna die when we go on vacation to the beach (in a couple of months)? You know, 'cause Georgie died while we were on vacation to Aunt Donna's house. So, should we take Jonah with us on vacation so he doesn't die?". Ummm, anybody got a good answer for this, other than "no, he won't die just because we go on vacation" 'cause that doesn't seem to be cutting it?
* "Why's our baby taking so long? It makes me really sad and I'm too impatient to wait much longer. Hasn't God figured out yet where our baby is?". I only wish I had an answer to that question.

Today's lesson is really just a reminder that our kids' minds are steel traps, I tell you. They remember everything so don't say anything you don't want them to 1. remember for ever, and 2. repeat in front of any and everyone.


J Melton said...

I think the best answer for if Jonah is going to die is "I don't know. We never know when someone we care about is going to die. That's why we should try to be as nice as we can to people we love while they are here. That said, I doubt that Jonah is going to die anytime soon. So we should enjoy our time with him and not worry about something that we cannot know and cannot control."

As for the last question, I think the answer is, "God knows where our baby is, but he's waiting for the right time. As for the waiting, just think of it as getting a headstart on loving your brother or sister."


Becky said...

J - I like the Jonah answer and will use that next time. And as for the baby one, that's pretty much what we've been saying. However, it's hard to continue to give it to him for this long - especially when I'm having a hard time sustaining the belief of it myself. (and, I voice my opinion that you, actually, would be a great dad - I'm just sayin')
On another note - look at you readin the blog and not getting too crazy about grammer!! ;)