Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fairy House

One of the kid's school projects this year is to make a fairy house. Now, I also have no idea what the learning objectives are with regards to this. I mean, I know they'll be doing some creative writing exercises with it and that there is a book called "Fairy Houses" that they read in class, but that's all I've got. This time I'm okay with it.

So, the first version the kid made with hubby was really cute. Upon first glance, I was impressed. Until I noticed the hot glue and duct tape, that is. Because the directions stated that they were to use  natural materials.  And, you know, hot glue and duct tape and glitter aren't generally naturally occurring substances.

So, momma, the killjoy, had to break the news to the boys that a new fairy house had to be constructed. I'm not sure who was more upset about that - the kid or his Poppa. Actually, I am quite sure. It was the Poppa. Hands down. So the task was delegated to me, as hubby was completely and totally over it by that point.

The kid decided to use the pumpkin he got on his field trip a couple weeks ago as the base for the fairy house. We decided (as our one non-naturally occurring material - what?! It's fine that wasn't in the directions. I'm a girl who only likes to follow rules most of the time) to have a cardboard bottom, on which to sit everything.

We built a stick arbor and covered it with leaves, attaching everything with what are apparently milkweed vines (I've been lax in pulling them up this year in the yard so only just discovered that's what they are). The kid cut the milkweed pods in half and placed them in the pumpkin as little fairy beds. The pumpkin has windows and optional skylights. He's plugged them up at the moment, "in case it rains...the fairies can take them out when they're in the mood for fresh air". 

There's also a rock garden (on the left side of the pic) with other pods with berries (aka the fairies' food dishes). On the inside of the pumpkin and across the whole bottom of the box are lambs' ear leaves, so the fairies have soft carpet. I believe he's thought of everything. Well, except a rain barrel. I mean, he thought of that, but we couldn't come up with a way to do it. Or, to be more accurate, after 3 hours, I was over it and no longer had the mental energy necessary to continue to help him. And then he was over it, too.

Today's Lesson: Fairies need us to build them homes. Perhaps with this home, the tooth fairy will be more reliable in her visits at our home. Maybe.


Alex said...

I love this - how creative!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a funny little assignment- very cute though! Love your lesson- ha!

Kelly said...

Very cute.

GiGi said...

That is so much better than the California Missions we had to build. I am SO ready for my son to be old enough for us to do that!
Coolest project ever.

Kristin said...

SO cute! What a fun assignment!

fullbed said...

Oh my goodness, this is amazing! Such lovely thoughts that went into it.

E. Phantzi said...

Love, love, love this! My sister and I used to do stuff like this when we were little. So charming!