Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm popular, don'tcha know?

Something bizarre happened Friday into Saturday. I got literally 10-15x the usual number of hits on my blog. And they were originating from News. And they were pretty much all focused on my latest post about giving baby E melatonin. It's now become my 2nd most read blog post.

I clicked on the link that my stats thing said the visitors were all coming from, but it just took me to the main news page. Of course I didn't see anything referring to my blog on there. But also - total bonus - comments offering free po.rn have increased big time. I mean, what a great day, right?

I figure it was some spamming kind of thing, totally screwing up my stats. But, free po.rn? Wow. Makes it totally worth it.

So, yeah. That's all I have for today. That, and the assurance that I don't actually look at po.rn, mom. Free or otherwise. A bonus for you - an especially helpful lesson! Or at least an amusing one.

Today's lesson: Apparently washable red markers are not quite so washable once they have passed through a toddler's digestive tract. Apparently washable red markers do magical things to poop. Apparently washable red markers via toddler poop have the ability to turn cloth diaper insides pink. Shockingly bright pink. Apparently washable red markers + toddler poop = pink diapers that refuse to turn white again. Now there's an interesting news item for ya. Suck it News.


Trinity said...

OMG, the last paragraph seriously CRACKED ME UP. I enjoy poop (as related to babies/toddlers/CDing/the universe) talk a little too much, I fear. :)

AS said...

Oh no! Okay, both the porn comments and the magic marker poop are hilarious. I'm sorry that both of those things happened, but at least it's good for a laugh!

Emms said...

Free porn. That's awesome! And the red marker? Lol

Jenn and Casey said...

My stats have been way up the last two days too, for no particular reason and various posts. No idea. Oh well. And also? Loved your lesson learned at the end. lol.

Misty said...

I guess they're not so washable, huh?

sharah said...

ICLW # 60. My most-read post has a star wars quote in the title, so I can commiserate. I've thought about changing it several times over the years, but it's just so perfect for the post that I hate to touch it. And thanks for the marker tip :)