Monday, September 12, 2011

The Night from...

Yeah, well, by the end of this post, I'm sure you'll be able to fill in that blank for me.

Here's how my night went...

About 8:30, momma thinks to herself and probably says out loud, "Well, this baby has got to be tired, he didn't really nap this afternoon. Time for bed, mister. And no repeats of last night when it took you 2 hours to get to sleep".

Baby E, looks very innocently at momma, "sure. I'd be happy to oblige. There's just one little thing. Uh, well, I don't wanna."

Momma, looks sternly at baby E, "well, it is bedtime, sir, and you will go to sleep."

Baby E, smiles beatifically, "of course, momma, I love you and will always do whatever you ask, happily and without complaint". (snickers to himself)

Momma nurses baby E. Then rocks him. Baby E is trying to tell momma something, incessantly babbling; she is unable to understand so continues rocking.

That's not working, so she lays him in his bed (tell me, why am I writing this in 3rd person? Oh well...) . The fussing starts. Poppa comes in and the SCREAMING commences. Good times.

There's patting, then rocking, then he finally falls asleep (about an hour later). Momma feels not too bad about the whole thing, she was obviously successful in getting him to sleep in less time than it took the night before. She goes to read a book before going to sleep.

Baby E, however, has other plans. He wakes up screaming after about 45 minutes of sleep. And pretty much doesn't stop for - ready - 2 hours. It was not awesome. At all.

He screams and he screams and he screams. Nothing works. Until finally something does (I don't remember but I'm guessing it was rocking in combination with exhaustion that finally won). Momma, who is exhausted herself by this time as it is 12:15am, simply puts him in bed with her.

He wakes up about an hour later. And then every 30 to 45 minutes thereafter. All. Night. Long. This was the epitome of not awesome.

So, obviously something is wrong with him. He does appear to have another bottom tooth coming in. It seems odd to me that that would be the problem when none of the other 4 caused such issues, but who knows?!

Also, we had sweet potatoes for dinner last night. He didn't have much because he didn't like them (which was odd because 1. what baby doesn't like sweet potatoes, and 2. This kid eats anything including sweet potatoes, which he's had before). I remembered in the middle of the night, while he was passing gas, that it seems like we also had a rough night - though not this rough! - the last time he had sweet potatoes. Then again, all that screaming might have led to gas. So, who flippin' knows.

Good thing is we both had a couple hour nap on the couch this morning and he (knock on wood) is having another one (in his bed) as we speak. Please, Lord, let this be a long nap. Momma needs a break from this whiny, clingy boy who woke up this morning.

Today's lesson - It's a good thing babies come out being so cute and lovable, wrapping us around their little fingers shortly after they're born. Because if they didn't, there would certainly be more child abuse in the world.


Motleymommy said...

Oh dear, those nights are tough. Our Baby Z just had a heck of a time teething his two front teeth. Refused bottle, didn't want to nurse well, ate like a champ from a spoon (still on cereal and stage 2).

Our oldest acted like your Baby E the night before we realized he had an ear infection.....

I hope today evens out and more importantly, tonight goes even better. Good luck

Emms said...

Oh honey I'm sorry. It sounds like it was really rough. Hopefully last night was better!