Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday baby E

My Sweet baby E-
I can hardly believe that today is your first birthday. I can hardly believe you are a year old! I can hardly believe you have been my sweet son for a year. It's amazing to me. You are amazing.

You have changed so much in a year. Of course you have. A year ago you were gooey, and confused, and super brand new. Now you're 1! You've learned to run and say some words. Hearing "momma" come out of your mouth fills my heart. You're trying to climb and I don't know what to do with that! Your brother has never been a climber. There's no telling what you're going to get into. You love music and to dance. Oh, but you have some rockin' moves!

So much in our lives has changed in the last year. I used to sleep a lot more. And now I cuddle a lot more. I used to have much less patience. Now I have a lot more joy. I used to watch a lot of TV in the evenings. Now I sit and laugh at your antics. I used to weigh 20lbs less. Now my heart is more full than I could imagine possible. I used to give the kid my undivided attention. Now, I watch him share it happily with you. I used to have a lot more time for my friends and scrapbooking. Now I happily get gooed on with every kiss you give me. I used to hear a lot more quiet. Now I hear a lot more giggling. I used to cuss a lot. Now, well, I still cuss a lot. Hey, not everything has changed.

Baby E, because of you, I now know about cloth diapers, and milksharing, and parenting 2 kids, and that I can live on very little sleep (for a year!), and what persistence looks like in a very little person. Because of you, I know love in a different way. Because of you, I am a better mother, a better social worker, a better person.

Thank you baby E, for being my son. Thank you, R and D, for creating this beautiful person. Thank you for choosing life for him. Thank you for choosing us to be his forever family. Thank you will never be sufficient.


Today's lesson - parenthood offers frequent opportunities for growth, chances to learn things about yourself you may never have known, opportunites to become less selfish, more loving, a better person.  Parenthood is hard, but so very worth it. What a gift it is.


Emms said...

So very sweet. Happy birthday baby E! Before we all know it you'll be a teenager....,so keep cuddling with your mama for a few more years!

panda said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday, Baby E! Congratulations on making it through the first year : ) I'm sure there will be many more even more wonderful ones to come : )

teresa said...

Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy!!!! I have two sisters who were adopted before I was born. I am grateful beyond words to their birth mothers and I know with certainty that they were always meant to be mine. You have a beautiful family. I'm so glad I found your blog.