Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Blunders

I had planned to have a post up already about baby E's awesome birthday party Sunday, complete with fantastic pictures. Well, that would have happened, had two things occurred - 1. baby E decided to go to bed at a reasonable time any of the last few nights, and 2. I gotten a substantial number of adorable pictures on my camera. Since baby E hasn't been going to sleep til nearly 11, and I only have pictures of the first part of the party, you're outta luck. At least for now. My dear friend, Ms M took tons of pics with her fancy camera, plus I'm gonna steal some from my mom's FB. So, rest assured, tomorrow (or Friday at the latest), you can experience through pictures the adorableness that was baby E at his Hungry Caterpillar party.

But, since I can't share with you all the things that went super well, I thought I'd tell you about some of the snafus that happened. Because I can laugh at myself as well as the next girl. So feel free to also giggle...

In general... there were people who showed up who weren't invited. And no explanation - or heads up - was given about their presence (by the person who they came with, who was invited). Also, some people showed up 1.5hrs late to a party scheduled to last 2hrs. Bringing food (which was very nice), but we'd already eaten, like an hour before. You know, because they were 1.5hr late. Also no explanation about their tardiness.

I'd planned on tying together 1 red and 3 green balloons and hanging them from the trees (did I mention the party was outside?), you know, to look like caterpillars. Um, well, that didn't work out so great. Because, well, you can really only tie together 2 balloons. I felt a bit stupid. But, whatever, we ended up hanging them in the trees with ribbon and it looked kinda neat.

And, here was the best part. I made this absolutely adorable banner of E's name, with 1 letter per circle/part of the caterpillar's body. I put it together late 1 night and was just glad it was done and was super cute. So, when I got the party, I hung it up in a tree, which looked fantastic. And then I went on getting everything else set up. A bit later I noticed a couple of friends standing in front of the banner, talking with their heads close together. I quickly realized they weren't just talking about how cute it was. So I walked over and very suddenly realized that I spelled my baby's name wrong. Yes, I did. I juxaposed two letters and spelled his flippin' name wrong. Parenting FAIL.

These, however, I did not do late at night. Or by myself. I have some fabulously creative friends who helped (particularly with the invitation). So, there ya go. A fun little preview of what's to come!

Today's lesson - something things should not be done late at night, when you're completely exhausted. Like spelling.


Emms said...

Oh I so just laughed my butt off at the name spelled wrong. I think people may think I'm crazy now, if they didn't already.
Can't wait for the pictures!

panda said...

Love it!

Hey, at least you had all of the correct letters, right!

I have quite a few relatives who don't even call Niko by his correct name (Nikola, usually just Niko, though). I get Nicholas, Nick-o, Nick-o-lo, Nickie, Niko-las, Luka (his middle name is Luke), and some other odd variations (tried to type those as phonetically as possible).