Sunday, July 25, 2010


Several of you left me encouraging words of support on FB regarding the past post - thank you so much! I really appreciate that you take the time to read my ramblings, and give me thoughtful feedback.

I do have a funny follow-up, though. Hubby and I were out some some friends last night (Thanks J and JE for a great time!) and I was telling them about this incident. As we were discussing it, I remembered a detail I'd left out - that the creepy man had had his arm ALL THE WAY down his swim shorts, looking like he was holding his "junk-n-stuff, as the kid calls it, when he was walking back from the diving well. After I mentioned that, hubby said, "well, it might have looked like that, and his arm was down there really far, but he didn't have a hand so he wasn't holding anything". I burst out laughing, like tears in my eyes kind of laughing. Not that he was missing a hand (even though I think he's a jerk, I would never laugh at that), but that I somehow didn't notice it. I mean, really, how could I have totally not noticed something like that??! I'm pretty sure not noticing that is an epic fail of some kind on my part. Sometimes I am completely the antithesis of "the master of the obvious".

Today's lesson - let us all remember that we hold only one part of a story or experience. Others around us notice and experience different parts of it. And, sometimes, the parts they notice are fairly significant. Just because there are parts we didn't witness in the midst of the experience, doesn't mean they aren't important. (Seriously, how did I NOT notice that the guy had no hand??!)

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