Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Funny things my kid says

So I promised a while ago to share some of the funny things my kid says. Here's a few...
At dinner, Hubby: "do you think we should have a family tradition of getting ice cream, at least 3 times during the summer?". Kid: "well, yeah, Poppa, that's a good idea. 3 times a week for sure.". Hubby, laughing: "I meant 3 times during the summer, not three times a week". Kid (serious): "Right, three times a day, Poppa. That should about cover it".

Kid: "Momma, momma. Jonah (dog) just tooted and scared himself. Isn't that hilarious?! Wouldn't it be funny if Poppa did that, too? Actually, that would scare me, and [our neighbors] because Poppa has really stinky toots".

Kid (seeing me just out of the shower): "Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!! It's a naked girl!!!". Me: "yeah, yeah, you see me every morning naked." Kid: "I just said it for Poppa's benefit because he likes naked girls".

Kid (on couch reading book with my mom): "well, Gram. I've got to go get ready for my date." Gram: "Really, you've got a date? With whom?" Kid: "well, Gram, I don't actually know their names". Gram: "There's more than 1 girl? Okay, so where are you taking them? And how are you getting there?". Kid: "We'll we're gonna go eat and my sisters will drive me. And I've got to look good for them so I'll see you later". (jumped up off couch, went to his bedroom, and put on superman knit hat, frog boots, sun glasses, and backpack).

And last, but not least...Kid (sitting at dinner table): "Momma, we've got to do something about the Big Bad Wolf. He's really making some bad choices here". Me: "Okay, so what are we going to do? Are we going to use cognitive behavioral therapy with him?" (hey, I'm a social worker!). Kid (looking at me like I'm am the stupidest person on the earth): "Uh no, Momma. I'm going to use a big rope. Duh." Me (laughing hysterically): "Okay, so what then?" Kid (very logically): "I guess we'll put him in time out or something until he's ready to make some better choices. That makes sense. Or maybe I'll just leave him tied up for awhile. He probably needs it."

So today's lesson is that I think we should all try to laugh as much as possible throughout the day. Not only is it good for our overall mental health, it just makes us nicer people to be around. And, if for some crazy reason you didn't find the things my kid says funny, go find something in your own life that's worthy of a belly laugh.

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