Thursday, July 15, 2010


You know how sometimes you just know you're exactly where you're supposed to be in the world, in your life? How you just know that whatever else may be going on, this is where I'm meant to be at his moment in time? It's the right time, the right place, the right people are there...everything is just right. You know those moments, right? We've all had them. At least I think we have, though they're often brief and fleeting and we're left wondering if they really happened. However, they're also often the moments we really remember even years later (at least I do). They're the moments we hold on to and pull back out when we don't know what the hell is going on around us, or where the heck we've ended up in our lives, or just WHY???

You know those moments? They're awesome, aren't they? So powerful and empowering to experience. Yeah, well I'm not having one right now. I really wish I was having one. I'm not. I maybe had a really short one last night, but I'm pretty sure I was wrong and didn't. Nope. I'm pretty much at the "where the heck have I ended up and how?!!" point. Good times.

Hope you're all having those moments, and treasure them. The lesson is that we should trust our guts when we have moments of knowing deep within ourselves that things are just right...they are how they should be, if even only for a brief, fleeting moment. Trust it. And treasure it. When you end up wondering what the hell is going on, remember those moments and trust that you will again come to a point where you feel that sure. That's what I'm trying to do...


Andi said...

OMG how I have been wondering where I am suppose to be and why am I where I am at this time for...well.. since I got this job (that I hate) in Jan. I remember my husband telling me that there may be a client I am suppose to help and I have to be at this job to do it. Well, yesterday, I had that moment when I was meeting with a client (who felt suicidal) and we had the best session I have had with a client and it felt like I needed to be there in that moment around her and her family. After all the complaining about being at this job and I knew while meeting with my client and afterward that I felt like I am suppose to be where I am right now! It's nice to know others feel the same way too. I know there is a plan for me, but sometimes I am loike Really? I need to be doing this? But I guess so! Now, if I read this tomorrow I may not feel like I am where I need to be, but I will leave that for another day and savor this feeling I am having now.

Becky said...

I've had a few of those moments - they're truly a gift! I'm so glad you (FINALLY!!!) felt like the job is worthwhile. Think of the difference you made for them. It does make the crappy job worth it :) I'm so glad for you!!!