Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Kid and Babies

This weekend was full of babies. It was full of my kid totally enjoying and loving babies. It was sweet. Actually, it was a little bitter sweet.

Friday night we went to see a relative who recently had twins. They are so very tiny (about 4lbs and 5lbs respectively - and they're almost 6 weeks old!) and their poor momma is completely overwhelmed. She wasn't able to admit that to us, though it was obvious. I really hope she is admitting it to other people who are closer to her. The kid, though, was so funny while we were there. From the moment we walked in the door, he repeatedly asked, "can I hold one? Can I hold one, please, momma???????!!!!". The babies' momma was very brave and not only let the kid hold the smallest one, she even let him feed the baby. That was a moment that my camera, of course, wouldn't freaking work (it always happens - must get new camera). He was so gentle and attentive. It was utterly adorable.

Then on Monday, we went to the zoo. Overall, it was a blast. However, my favorite part, and the kid's, too, was the Bonobo monkeys (what, you've never heard of them? Well, neither had I. They're super cute and very similar to chimps). There was a family group of about 6-8 females and I think all of them had babies. One had an 18month old, who was really causing havoc for the others; the rest were all relatively new mommies. The kid was fascinated with the Bonobos. I not only enjoyed watching the monkeys myself, I really enjoyed his enthrallment with them. He turned to me at one point and said, "look momma, that baby Bonobo monkey is drinking his momma milk. He's doing a good job". That's right, my kid is a monkey breastfeeding supporter. It's awesome.

The kid is so ready for his baby sister. Have I mentioned that he only wants a baby sister? He's completely unwilling to even entertain the possibility that our baby could be a boy. I'm not quite sure how he's going to handle it if God gives us a baby boy... I think he'll be ready. I think he'll be a great helper - bringing supplies, entertaining him or her, etc... I also know he'll struggle some with not getting as much attention as he's accustomed to receiving. But, he'll be okay, and it'll be good for him to learn that he's not the center of the world (as he asserted to me last week, "yes, I am, Momma. I am the center of the world, actually the center of the universe. I just am. That's how it is, Momma").

So today's lesson is this: Bonobo monkeys are really cool and you should go visit them at the zoo. No, I don't know if your zoo has them, but the Cincinnati Zoo does, and they're super cute. That, and my kid thinks he's the center of the universe. That's really a lesson more for me than for you, though. You check out the Bonobos. I'll check out refocusing my kid's egocentricity. Bet you'll get that taken care of faster than I will...

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