Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I've no good reason for my absence from this blog (and yes, a week and a half is an absence, for me at least). I mean, I have several reasons, but nothing big so much.

We've had about 6 weeks of one or more of us being sick. Finally, I think we're all well And so help me if I just jinxed us. I mean, really. I will lose my shit if there is any more sick at our house in the next 2 months.

My work schedule continues to be difficult and irregular, meaning I'm working more nights that normal. Much of that has been self-imposed due to childcare issues. Hoping it will improve now that baby E is back with our regular (and much beloved) sitter/friend.

The kid's behavior has improved somewhat in the last week or so. Probably because he's finally not sick anymore. And we finally had a frost that killed the evil ragweed. Which means that his asthma is finally gone for this season. So he's sleeping at night and off the asthma meds.

I seem to have acquired a bit of the old Christmas spirit this year. Not sure where it came from, but I'll take it. And hope it sticks long enough to actually get me through Christmas. Which would be a Christmas miracle in and of itself.

Also, we did the kid's Family Tree project. It turned out not too bad. I promise to do a post soon including pictures of the results.

At any rate, this is all I've got right now. I'm in a place where I don't really have the energy to form full, coherent posts. Lots of one- or two-liners that are good starts to posts, but the things never seem to finish themselves up. Hopefully soon I'll get some inspiration. Or direction. Or energy. Or something.

Today's Lesson: Sometimes, even to those of us who talk a lot, words are not forthcoming. Even when we have stuff to say.


M said...

I hope things slow down and everyone stays well!

Kasclar said...

Your life sounds a little like mine right now, including the sickness part. I recently wrote a very similar post on my own blog. :) Must be that time of yea. Hope things start getting better in your parts very soon.