Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Moments

Even though life really has been crazy and I didn't (of course) get half the stuff done at Christmas that I wanted, we have had a few fun holiday activities.
A friend of my mom's owns a local tree farm. We've been going there and cutting down our own tree for several years. We've been there in all kinds of weather (rain, snow, sleet on year - that was awful!). This year it was perfect weather, imo. Cool enough that it felt like Christmas was on its way, warm enough that the 30 minutes it took to find the tree didn't leave us with ice cube hands. E just wanted to be carried and kept saying, "ride in a Boba???". The kid, of course, was running around and didn't stay still long enough for me to take a picture of him.

The kid and I had our first "official" date. I bought tickets a few months ago for The Nutcracker. I was nervous about taking him as, well, he's not exactly known for sitting still for long periods of time. But, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! He was completely absorbed by the first act and hardly moved, much less spoke. Intermission, however, seems to have been his "done" point. He was squirmy and talkative the 2nd act. Although, to be honest, the 1st act is where most of the action and humor are. So, I guess I can see why the 2nd act didn't hold his attention quite as much. However, he told my mom a week later that he loved it and didn't even have words to describe it. So, sounds like a big win. I can't wait to take him to something else new!
Today's Lesson: They key to getting your 6yo boy to get excited about ballet, is to tell him that there will be "real teenage girls" dancing on that stage. He will be enthralled for at least 30 minutes.


Elizabeth said...

Ha! Awesome! So glad he liked it! We're super into the ballet and hope its popularity revives as its such an amazing combo of athleticism, music, culture and art. :-)
Merry Christmas!!

M said...

I'm glad he had fun. Cute pics!