Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bad days are relative

It was a rough morning at my house. There was yelling (me) and frustration (me and the kid). There were threats ("if you don't get those shoes on by the time I count to 10, there will be big, bad consequences, mister"). There were tears ("I can't find my socks"). There was muttering under the breath ("OMG!!!!! Why can't this kid get his shit together this morning??!!!!"). There was stomping down the stairs (maybe both of us) and cries of unfairness ("you NEVER wait for ME!!"). There were text messages sent to husbands cussing at them for not doing something just the right way. In short, there were big girl and little boy sized tantrums going on. It was ugly, y'all.

I finally got us all into the car with all of our crap (maybe?!) and I started to have a mini-meltdown (just in my head). You see, I remembered something important. There's a little girl named Bailey. The kid used to go to school with her at his Montessori school. Her mama was one of his teachers when he was a toddler. And this adorable, blonde-headed 4 year and her gentle, beautiful parents have been told that she is riddled with cancer. They just found out this week. She starts Chemo tomorrow. She has tumors throughout her body. It's stage 4. She's 4, people. She still such a tiny little human. And she has stage 4 cancer. On her liver. In her bones. Stage. 4. Cancer.

That is a bad day. Running late for school? Not a bad day. Too fat to fit into any of my clothes? Not a bad day. Can't find socks? Not a bad day. Banana goo on my pants? Not a bad day. Homework not being done just right? Not a bad day. Starbucks gift card out of money? Not a bad day. Your baby having cancer? That is the worst day possible.

So, today, I will try to remember that my bad day, isn't really bad. It's irritating and inconvenient. I have two healthy children. I will not have to watch one of my children undergo chemo. And that makes today a good day.

Today I will pray for little Bailey and for her parents. I would so appreciate it if you would, too.

Today's lesson - Perspective is so easy to lose. Gratefulness is easy to forget. Banana goo is just banana goo. It washes out. Somethings are not so easily undone.


Willow said...

Such an important reminder. It can be easy to get caught up in the craziness of parenthood and let it get to you, but you're so right that none of that little stuff matters. These amazing little people are what matter. Thinking of that little girl and her family. How very sad.

Mo and Will said...

so true. sorry to hear about your son's friend. tragic.

Elphaba said...

Oh my goodness, my heart dropped when you said that. That poor family and that poor little girl. How heartbreaking.

Katie said...

Oh my, so sorry to hear about that sweet little girl. Will say a prayer for her and her family :(

Carmela said...

Praying for little Bailey and her parents. I can't imagine what they are going through.

ICLW #77

SuperMommySometimes said...

Bailey is in my thoughts... It's heartbreaking when you realize how much you take for granted every day. I'll have to remember Bailey when I start to have a[nother] silly meltdown one of these days.

Emms said...

I am keeping this family in my prayers.
I read this post shortly after you posted it, and it drove a message home. I've been having such a rough time with bug, and I've been struggling. This post reminded me that sleep and crying issues are nothing, really nothing. This will pass with no long term consequences. Poor Bailey dots not have that, the parents do not have that luxury. Thank you for reminding me.