Sunday, October 2, 2011

Snore, cough, sniffle, repeat...

I feel crummy. A cold has got me. And baby E, too. His sleep, which had been up to 7-9 hours a night (that's right, people, MY baby was sleeping that long!!!) is back to him being up every 2-3hours, or even less. Now, to be fair, the 7-9hrs only lasted for about 2 weeks - probably 10 out of those 14 nights - but good lord was it glorious. And then to have it taken away again...major suck. Devastating I tell you. I'm pretty sure hubby and I are crankier than we were a month ago, even though we're getting the same amount of sleep now as we were then. It's like our bodies remembered about sleep, and have been like "oh, hell no you're not going to take that away again!!!!!". Yeah, so good times.

On the positive side, baby E and I participated in the World Breastfeeding Challenge yesterday, which was fun. Last year we did, too, and he was such a tiny little peanut (less than 2wks old) and by far the youngest of the bunch. So, this year, to be there again, and to be one of the older ones, it was pretty cool. And it felt like a milestone. Like a moment of success. I kind of teared up. Though that might have also been because I'm so tired. And feeling sickly.

Then, I briefly spoke with A, who I talked about HERE (briefly, she's the reason I knew breastfeeding an adopted baby was even possible). It was great to see her again! She said the funniest thing that reminded me how far we've come. She, too, is nursing her child (who joined their family through adoption), but her daughter is now 3 (I think). And she - who was as determined to nurse as I was, though maybe even more! -  said she is done with nursing and just wishes her daughter would stop. It was a beautiful thing for us to be able to laugh about this. What a normal feeling, to be ready for your 3yo to stop. But it's one I'm pretty sure neither of us ever thought we would experience.

Here's a picture from last year's event. See what I mean about him being so very tiny. Oh my word. It makes me want another even more! Hopefully soon I'll have a pic from this year's event to share :)

Today's lesson - in parenting, it is necessary to expect the unexpected. Or you'll just go crazy. In other words, just go ahead and accept that you have very little control. You'll be happier that way. Seriously. And not crazy. Which seems like a good thing.


Dorothy said...

I love reading your blog. I typically remember it and check in to see 5+ posts. Such is the life with a 2.5 year old. Please forgive me because I'll probably comment on a topic not mentioned in this post.

I love reading your struggles and triumphs of breast feeding. I struggled greatly at the start, due to bad hospital advice. But at 2.5 I'm practially an old hat. I took off on my son's birthday. I had fully intended to start weaning then. However, when he work up and happily nursed as he had every day for almost a year, I realized I couldn't take his favorite thing away. The same thing happened on his 2nd birthday. Now I no idea when I'll be done. ;)

BTW, I have a baby itch too. Infertility definitely intensifies it for me. Not that you should take life advice from people online, but, I'll give you mine anyway. If there is a way for you to do it, go for it.

Oh, and I love seeing your pictures of your boys!

Becky said...

Thank you, Dorothy! Breastfeeding is an adventure for sure :) Way to go, you, for still going at it - that's inspiration for me!!