Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our big week

We've had a pretty big week around here. First I was offered, and accepted, a new job! Well, I should give you some background. The week before last, hubby and I made the huge decision that I was going to quit my job and be a SAHM, at least for awhile (6month trial run kind of deal). Well, within 12 hours of making that decision, I got 2 calls for job interviews. 1 of the jobs I'd applied for on a whim like 2+ months ago even though I wasn't all that interested in it. The other I'd interviewed for a couple of years ago. They basically offered it to me, but, at the time it didn't have any benefits, so I had to turn it down. Well, recently they had a position open up and thought of me. I interviewed again and they offered it (this time with benefits) without even accepting applications or interviewing anyone else. The best part of this job, it will allow me to work from home at least 20hrs/week. It's seems like the best of both worlds - I continue to get a paycheck (and even a slight increase from what I make now) and I have so much more time home with baby E, the kid, and hubby. I do believe this job is the answer to our prayers!!

So the next huge (and even bigger than the job, if you can believe it) thing, is that the TPR is FINALLY done. There were a few stressful moments around that, specifically in regards to birthdad, but it's signed by the judge. Now, for those of you not familiar with adoptions, this does not mean his adoption is done. That's right, we still have months before that will be finalized. However, it does mean that neither birth parent has any legal rights to baby E from here on out. There is no changing his/her mind. It's done. It'll be at least 6 months before his adoption can be final, per state law, but that shouldn't any kind of an issue - thankfully. This, my friends, is an awesome Christmas present.

And, if all that weren't exciting enough, baby E has started rolling over! He did it randomly when he was about 6 weeks old, but hasn't repeated the trick. Until now. Today he has rolled over lots and lots of times. Funnily, he doesn't seem amused about it. I put him on his belly, he gets pissed, and then starts concentrating really hard. Then he flips over and sighs in relief. He doesn't smile, no, not at all. Just like "finally, it's about time" (even though he really gets over amazingly quick). This is how I know it's intentional, and not just another fluke. Which is interesting because it's not like he's been trying to do it and hasn't been successful. This rolling is totally out of the blue! It was like one minute he'd never even considered the possibility, then the next he was doing it. It's quite adorable. It was also adorable to have the kid watching and cheering baby E on. He's such a sweet kiddo!

Well, I think that's about it for us this week. Actually, I think it's about all the excitement I can handle what with trying to get ready for Christmas and all.

Today's lesson - even when you start getting ready for Christmas WAAAAAAYYYYY in advance, and think you're way ahead of the game, you're probably not. There will inevitably be all kinds of things that pop up, things that you just didn't think about. And you will still end up running around like a chicken with your head cut off. Also, anytime you sit down to start a project, the baby will wake up. Or the 4yo will break something. Thus is life. Enjoy the chaos, or you will go mad.


Myra said...

OMG!! If that isn't a God thing then I don't know what is!!! Congrats! I'm sooooo excited for you! Can't think of anything more perfect as far as your career!!!!!! 2011 is going to start off great!!!

Andi said...

So excited for you!!!! Isn't nice when things fall into place! Wow! Wow! Wow! What a great way to end a year and start a new one!!

Taneshia said...

Congrats, Becky! Seems like it's all working out for you.