Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I was wrong.

There. I said it. I was wrong. And, even more, I'm glad I was wrong. That's right. About what, you ask. Well let me tell you. It's a pretty big deal. We had a visit with our social workers today, which was fine, no big deal. Until they were walking out the door and just happened to mention something rather significant. Something huge really. We were under the impression we had to wait 6 months until we could file to finalize the adoption. (here comes the part where I was wrong) We don't! We can apply once baby E is 3 months old. Any of you do that math yet????????? I'll give you a moment..... That's right!!! That is on Christmas day, people, just 3 days from now!!!!! We're planning to use the same attorney as last time, so we just need to set up an appointment, get the paperwork filed and get a court date. This could/will still take a few months, but still, it's a lot sooner (like 6 months sooner) than expected. It's like the antithesis of all the waiting we've been doing for the last 2 years. Merry Christmas to us.

So today's lesson - I am capable of admitting I'm wrong. And hey, I'm even capable of actually being wrong. Who knew?

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