Friday, June 18, 2010


Happy early Father's Day to all you dads and dads-to-be out there. I so appreciate the wonderful dad my hubby is to our kid. I had/have an absent, drunk dad so it's amazing to me that hubby really does about half of the child-related responsibilities. Right now, since it's summer and he's a teacher, he's doing a lot more than that (and overall managing to keep the house clean - yay honey!!!). He loves our kid, is mostly patient when they're playing game after game of Go Fish, loves to have the kid help him cook, does "letter work" with him, and they play and play. He's a little worried about adding baby #2, especially if it's a girl, but I know he'll handle it in his generally laid back kind of way.

On another, somewhat related note, here's today's lesson. It's particularly geared towards all you dads out there. A 4yo should never, ever, EVER be left unsupervised, not even for a brief moment, with his build-a-bear and a small egg of silly putty. It can not turn out well. Being in the same room isn't even sufficient, because 4yo's are sneaky. So, stay in the same room and keep your eyes trained on the silly putty at all times. Or just remove the silly putty from said 4yo's possession so it's a non-issue. Yeah, that should about cover it.

P.S. Does anyone know how to get silly putty out of poor Bob Bear's fur???

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