Friday, May 31, 2013

Boom goes my Head.

I'd gotta be honest, my head about "ah-splodes" at least twice a week. I have chosen to believe it's because I'm passionate about some things. Perhaps many things. Some people have chosen to believe it's because I have a tendency to overreact. They're clearly wrong, mind you. Obviously.

At any rate, the 2nd (or 3rd, I lose count) of these things this week may have made quick work to my vow not to use cuss words around baby E anymore. You know, since he's parroting everything nowadays. Everything.

Baby E and I were on our way home from the I'd spent way (way) too much money stocking up for activity stuff for the boys for this summer (more on those plans soon). But I was in a fabulous mood. Because the Ho.bby Lo.bby makes me happy.

We were stopped at a light and I quickly glanced at the car next to me. And then I looked back, because surely I didn't see what I just thought I saw. But I did. What was it, you ask? It was a small child (3ish) sitting in the front seat. No carseat of any kind. With the seat belt buckled, the shoulder belt part behind her.

Cue "what the eff is wrong with that woman??" and a myriad of other cussing and questioning that - somehow - baby E has yet to repeat.

I mean, really, what the hell? Surely people know that it's not okay to put your very small child in the front seat, in no carseat??!!! Well, apparently not. But honestly. Wtf.

I mean, I know people don't know this. Because I see their kids in the Emergency Department after they've had car accidents. And I know that I'm not seeing all of them. I know that lots of those people are blessedly lucky and don't have accidents.

But I see the ones that aren't lucky. I see those babies scared, bruised, broken, brain damaged, dead. I see them. Every week.

Most are lucky and end up fine. And, of course, that is why it continues.

I see the results of kids not properly restrained all the time. But not usually when they're driving around like that. And that, for some reason, infuriated -infuriates! - me.

Look, I get it. You were just going a few minutes from the house. Or so-and-so had the carseat and it was just a quick trip. Or you've done it 23 times before and everything was fine.

I get it. It's a pain to use the car seat every. single. time. Some kids hate it. They scream. They throw fits. It's hard to get them strapped in tight. It's hard to fit the seat in the car.

Really, I get it.

But the consequences of that short drive, that just this time ride, they can be permanent.

Today's Lesson: Please, please, put your kid in a properly installed and fitting carseat every.single.time s/he rides in a vehicle.

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Anonymous said...

My sister never used to buckle her son into the car seat properly but she figured, because it was buckled, it was OK. I told her otherwise and she promptly advised me that as I do not have children, I can't possibly know. It was an argument we had constantly for over a year.

Then one day they got pulled over at a routine check stop. The cop noticed their son wasn't in his seat snugly, and asked them to pull over to the side. He then proceeded to make them practice properly securing him in the car seat, and installing the car seat, over and over again. Once he was satisfied they had it, he drove the point home with a huge ticket for an improperly installed car seat. My sister and brother-in-law were mortified, and the cop made it very clear to them that it was their responsibility as good parents to buckle him in correctly and safely. They are now very particular about how they buckle him and their new son into their car seats, but it took that lesson to get them that way. I thank God that THAT was the lesson they had to learn, and not something more horrible.

Kristin said...

This is one of my head exploding moments too or the kids running around in the back set. REALLY? Just buckle your kids up! It takes two seconds! Just DO it!

Peach that is awesome that the cop made them do that. Too often they would have just got a ticket and sent on their way!

Becky said...

I love that cop and wish there were more just like him!