Monday, June 3, 2013

5k-ing it

Recently we did our first (of the year) family 5k. Last year we did a couple (including this same one). This year, I gotta say, I was sllllllooooow. E is heavy!! I was all "I mean, he's only 33lbs. That's not that much". It is, people. It really is.
But I did carry him. The whole way. Even though I was huffing. Which I'm totally blaming on the allergy attack I was also having that week. (No, really, that's not a load of crap. It was a for real I-lost-my-voice-couldn't-breathe-through-my-nose-my-eyes-were-swollen-shut-when-I-woke-up-in-the-morning kind of a thing). Although, to be honest, I think we cut about a half mile off the 5k, because, well, I couldn't breathe.

The kid, though, he kicked that race's ass. Seriously.His first mile was 8min45sec. Yes, yes it was. The rest were a bit slower, but still. His overall time was under 36min and he'd shaved a full 2 min off his time from last year.

He and my mama both got medals in their age groups. My mom was walking with me, tho, so her medal is kinda, uh, ill-gotten. You know, since she cut that half mile off with me. I don't think anyone was taking this one too seriously tho, so it's alright.
Today's Lesson: It is time for my 33mon old to start walkin'. S'rsly, kid is heavy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


Anonymous said...

Haha good for you carrying him the whole way! What a great thing to do together as a family!

Miss Monica said...

Holy cow - you ran carrying E!?? You deserve a special medal for that. Congrats to your whole family for doing the race. Exercise and healthy living are great examples for your children. Woo Hoo to you!