Wednesday, May 29, 2013

bullets and no uppercase letters

  • we've been busy. with idk what. life, i suppose. (so busy that i apparently don't have time to use uppercase letters in this post.)
  • monday was my birthday. birthdays have never bothered me at all. 35, however, is feeling old. it bothers me that it bothers me, if you know what i mean.
  • speaking of old, baby e looks so old with his hair cut. i'm used to it now, but i don't like it. at all.
  • hubby took the kid for a summer cut. now he doesn't have any hair either. i also don't like that.
  • baby e is slowly, but surely weaning. we're at once a day max, and fairly regularly go a day without it at all.
  • this is probably good as we're down to maybe 40oz of milk. i've been doing half and half bm and almond milk to make it last even longer.
  • it's such a bittersweet thing, to think about weaning. in some ways i'm so ready (particularly when i'm pms-ing because, holy hell, that hurts). in some ways i don't think i'll ever be ready. the dance he does when he sings "mulp-mease ready" is one of the sweetest things ever. i will miss it. so, so miss it.
  • the kid is gonna be a busy boy this summer with camps. he's going to a tennis/swim camp starting next week. then an arts camp. and just a general outside day camp. all that in addition to his weekly gymnastics and hopefully swim lessons. kid is gonna be tired. which is good for us all.
  • we're going to hilton head. my vacation got approved (thankyoubabyjesus). i'm hoping you all can offer some ideas of what we should do/where we should go while we're there.
  • we're going to rent a minivan because trying to fit us and my mom in my highlander for a 9hr ride = not so much fun. any tips on how to get a good deal on renting a vehicle for a week??
  • now that we're weaning, the mosquitoes like me again. no joke, i've been a mosquito magnet my whole life. if there's one in the tri-state area in the middle of the winter, he'll find me. and that bite will swell to 2-3in diameter. however, not so while i've been nursing. fewer bites and the ones i got didn't swell. until the nursing cut way back. and now those damn bugs like me again.
  • that's all i got, folks.
  • happy wednesday.

Today's lesson: sometimes punctuation is overrated. sometimes, not so much


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday! I love a good bullet point, capitalization optional, post!

Maria Rothenburger said...

Happy belated! I get that 35 bugs you...seems like you're doing a lot of fun playing to make up for it. ;-)

PS I'm pretty sure punctuation is always overrated.

Miss Monica said...

Happy belated birthday!! It is only a number....don't let it get you down.