Monday, September 3, 2012


So, have you been waiting on bated breath to hear what the teacher has to say about The Family Tree Project? Yeah, well I sure have. Wanna know what she had to say? "I've been out of town. I love your kid. Thanks so much for your email and I'll call you later this week." Sigh. Promise I'll let ya know as soon as I hear something substantial from her.

In the mean time, I wanted to take a moment, or paragraph, and thank you all for such great comments on my last post. Really, on the last several posts. Lately I've been an irregular blogger, reader and - particularly - commenter, so I really do appreciate how thoughtful you've been.

Today's Lesson: 1st grade... it is apparently the age when it is no longer cool to car dance with your momma in the mornings in the school carpool lane.  And, yes... it does hurt a momma's feelings when her kid says, "uh, no, momma. Just stop". Yes, yes it does. But she will continue doing it anyway. Just because she can.

Bonus Lesson (you know, since the post was lame and all): The washing machine dying when you're a cloth diapering family is traumatic. And stinky. Oh, so very stinky.


Elizabeth said...

Grrr...sorry the teacher didn't have anything to say about the project. I hope she calls you tomorrow!

Yeah, comments are the best. It's amazing how they lift my mood :)

Broken washer with cloth diapering- boo! Hope it gets fixed quickly!

Logical Libby said...

See? Lazy teacher planning. That makes me go "grrrr."

Good luck with the poop!

M said...

I hope you hear back from the teacher soon!

~Maria said...

Oh my goodness! I BET it's a stinky house indeed! Not that waiting for the teacher's response is easy, but I'd be on the edge of my seat for the washer repair person! LOL!