Thursday, February 23, 2012

Just ew

Lest you think my little one is the only one who puts disgusting things in his mouth, here's a lovely little story for you about my kid.

Monday we were all home thanks to Presidents' Day and me just having Mondays off work. So the boys and I - because it was a wonderfully sunshiny kind of day, - took a walk with a friend. We were bopping along and I pointed out a lovely little patch of crocus flowers. The kid crouched down to get a good look at them. He loves flowers, and trees, and plants of all kinds, well, just nature in general. So I just assumed he was really checking them out. But then he said, with head still down, "there's also a piece of gum down here". "Ew, kid! Come on, lets go." And off we went.

And then, several minutes later I noticed the kid chomping away on something. So I asked him what it was. And he put his head down and started walking really fast. And it hit me. Dearlordinheaven, he put that piece of gum in his mouth. My sweet baby boy was chewing away on some piece of ABC gum he found ON. THE. GROUND. It was in someone else's mouth. And could have been peed on by a dog. Or have bird poop on it. Or god knows what else. Yuck. Gag. Shudder. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

I told him to spit it out immediately.

Today's lesson: And that is why God invented mouthwash, people. Actually HERE is the history of mouthwash, in case you're interested. Because after I wrote that I all of the sudden needed to know. And it made me feel MUCH better about baby E eating that pee pee toilet paper. And now you're curious, too, aren't you?!


Motleymommy said...

Oh. My. Goodness. I was shuddering and laughing all at the same time. My baby Z puts EVERYTHING in his mouth. Not to these extremes. YET!

Thanks for sharing your experiences, even the horrifying ones!

Donor Diva said...

GROSS! As a teacher I am not surprised because many of my students put random things in thier mouths...icky!

As a mom I am very lucky because so far Amt is pretty good about not putting random things in his mouth.

Miss Monica said...

Kids and dogs are the same - they'll try to taste whatever they find along the path.

I find myself having that same conversation with my dog when I walk her (I know, I'm strange....and I understand that she doesn't understand me). I tell - you don't know where that french fry, kleenix, hamburger bun, etc. has been.

I wonder, do they make mouthwash for dogs??

Mo and Will said...

that is a BIG ewwww. yucktastic!


Mommy ToBe said...

OMG! That's disgusting but also hilarious!!!

Here from ICLW and love your adorable little ones! I was adopted when I was 6 weeks old and I cannot imagine my life any different way.

M said...

Oh my gosh! This and the toilet paper story both made me laugh! I hope he stops putting things in his mouth ;)

~Maria said...

Hi from ICLW! I totally LOL on this sister used to do that all the time in parking ABC gum. Totally disgusting! Haha!

ICLW #35