Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In a familiar turn of events, a member of my household is sick. This has been the winter of germs. Cold, after cold, after cold. Two episodes of Scarlet Fever. Yes, that happened twice. Asthma off and on and off and on. Teething. Sweetbabyjesus the teething. A sick husband (which, of course, is tantamount to the end of the world). And now a stomach bug. I am so very over the sickies. I mean, D.O.N.E. Done.

I hereby proclaim that sickness is no longer welcome and/or allowed here. There will be no more missed school and/or work days in this family this year. There will be no more sick visits to the doctor. There will be no more cold medicine bought. There will be no more antibiotics taken. There will be no more vomit-covered laundry. There will be no more nights interrupted every 45 minutes by a vomiting, or coughing, or screaming, or refusing to sleep, or whothehellknowswhyhewon'tsleep child.

Please note that we are now a sick-free zone. Please, fortheloveofallthingsholy keep your sickness to yourself. Momma can't handle any more sick boys. For real.

Today's Lesson: Germs love my family. And I, clearly, have no idea who to keep them at bay.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! :)

If there is a sniffle to be found, Mea can find it.

M said...

:(. We are on our third round of colds here too. Come on, Spring!

Em said...

First of all, I had no idea people still got scarlet fever. Yikes! Secondly, you're oh so right about husbands being sick. I'm not one to bash on guys or anything, but I do really think we women are better at being sick than they are. Just sayin.