Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And then, she said THIS

And I have yet again been shocked by the things this teacher will say and/or do. Are you ready for this????  (And I completely am willing to admit the possibility that I am overreacting about this. But my blog, my space to overreact.)
I'm putting the kid to bed this night and he has been a mess (a MESS, I tell you!!) this evening. So, I'm trying to process with him what's going on and how he can turn it around tomorrow. He had mentioned earlier in the evening that Mrs L had threatened to call hubby today when he wasn't doing what he was supposed to be doing. (For the record, he said he was just sitting there, not doing his work, but not disrupting anyone - who knows.) Then, all of the sudden, he got all teary-eyed and was like "Mrs L is gonna send Santa a list and only the kids on the good list are gonna get presents". I - staying very calm - asked him if he thought he was going to be on the list of the kids who didn't get presents. He couldn't even speak. He simply sniffled and nodded his head yes. Then I couldn't respond. And then he, because he's a funny kid, said "uh, Momma, can you actually see in the dark 'cause I responded to you, but you didn't respond to me". I assured him that I did indeed see his head nod. And then I spent the next 5 minutes reminding him of his awesomeness. And assuring him that though he sometimes makes bad choices he is indeed a "good kid" and will absolutely be receiving gifts from Santa.

How dare that woman tell my kid that he is on Santa's bad list and isn't going to get presents?! Now, I doubt she singled him out, but am I the only one who thinks it completely inappropriate that she would even bring this up in the classroom?!

Or, honestly, the other whole problem here is that she's threatening to call the kid's parents to get him to behave. I mean, talk about giving up your own power! Is it any wonder my kid, and (at least some of) the others don't listen to her well? Duh. When you threaten to call the parents, you in effect tell the kids that you don't actually have any authority over them. So why would they listen?!

I kinda hate this woman.

Today's lesson - the saying should have been: "hell hath no fury like a momma whose baby has been scorned".


Peg said...

Okay, I hate this teacher.

Is there any way to get him transferred to a new teacher?

It's hard enough trying to make sure that your kids know how awesome they are. To have another adult who spends so much time with your child and be such an influencial person in his life treating him this way is absolutely horrible.

Please give kid an extra hug and high five from one of his fans in the blogsphere.

Mo and Will said...

OMG. I'm speechless. Unbelievable.

cbrueggie said...

our son came home at 3 1/2. because he was already in pre-school, we kept him there. he, uh, had a really hard time. his teacher called him bad and stupid (mostly because he ran instead of walked, whined instead of talked and was a year behind in speech and auditory processing).

i yanked him out and put him in a different pre-school. he suddenly became a happy kid.

fight for your child. fight hard. you know your child better than anyone else in the world, and he need you more than most kids need their moms. yes, ALL kids need their moms, but ours? they need us in a different way.

oh, he is now in 2nd grade. this is the first year he truly LIKES school. he finally has a teacher who truly sees him for who he is and he's comfortable enough with her to show her that he can read (a few grade levels above where he should be) and he can write (a few grade levels above where he should be).

even if the teacher is not doing these things, your child does not feel safe. GO MAMA BEAR! create the safeness for your child!

Djprez said...

I think Mrs. L should be put on Santas naughty list for being a grinch! She is completely ridiculous, could you switch teachers?

Lechelle said...

Usually I would agree that you should keep your kid in his assigned class and fight to change the teacher, especially for the sake of all the other kids who don't have parents fighting for them. But I too wonder if it's time to switch teachers.

I'm sorry.

Sarah said...

I am so extremely frustrated for you! That is so wrong!

I have been MEANING to tell you, but did your husband mention to you that I saw him at Wesley's Halloween birthday party? He did! Wesley is my godson. Liz (my cousin) bought the house from my parents when they moved to Danville.

Boo was at the party too, and so was Melissa Cohen with her daughter who is ALSO in their class. Small world :)