Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You know how sometimes...?

Today I just need to get something out, and whine a little. But, for your patience, you get a cute pic of baby E. See? It's worth it!

You know how sometimes you just really want to vent something, to a specific person, about a specific person, heck, to the world, but it just isn't safe/appropriate/helpful? You know, there's something you want to get off your chest, but in doing so no good will come of it. You may get it out, but it probably would cause an even bigger issue. So, you can't. Because the unspoken rules of that relationship dictate that such things are not spoken or acknowledged, especially with that specific person. It would create a bigger rift than already exists. And sometimes it's just really not your place in the first place. Know what I'm talking about? Yeah. Maybe not. Well, it sucks. That's all.

And now on to cute baby E (in his cute Bummis cloth diaper, I might add)...

Today's lesson - relationships are complicated and messy. And, even as a social worker/therapist, they're sometimes often difficult to navigate. Now, if you'd like me to help you navigate yours, I'd be happy to do that (and I'm even pretty good at it!). But only if you do the same for me. Or pay me. One of the two.


Lechelle said...

*sigh* I totally hear you. You can vent to me anytime!

E is so cute I want to come over and kiss those darling cheeks and tickle that sweet belly.

Lost in Space said...

Ugh. I hate that feeling. If I were near you I would request that you come sit next to me and let it all go. (-;

I'm hoping the situation gets better...

Baby E is too cute for words.