Friday, June 3, 2011

Camping 2011: And so it begins...

I've blogged before about how I both love and hate camping. Well, this year, that continues. Some pictures to illustrate.

So, one of the challenges is finding a way to keep baby E's milk frozen, This trip's experiment - a cooler specifically for milk. And because there was still room, we added in beer, too. Apparently, however, this does not an effective method make, as the milk was completely thawed within 36hrs. The beer stayed cold though (according to hubby).

Cold. Really, really cold. Baby E so not a fan. Me either. Hubby was a good sport.

The kid? Def a fan. This kid loves the water no matter the temperature. He played in it for 2 days, happy as a (chattering) clam.

Baby E seemed to love camping. He did not, however, seem to love sleeping while camping. Then again, he doesn't seem to like sleeping while at home either. So I suppose it really makes no difference whatsoever whether we're at home or camping. Frankly, compared to how I slept previous years camping, I actually think I slept better this trip. I'm guessing this has to do with my overall sleep deprivation, so the noise level didn't bother me in the least. He also got to have yogurt for the first time, which he totally loved.

Spending time together as a family, in a place where we're not so worried about all the stuff that needs to get done = a def plus of camping.

Seriously, how cute is this?! Some friends who come camping have 4 (stunningly beautiful) kiddos . Little B is the youngest, and baby E's 1st girlfriend. (Check out little B's mommy's blog) It was fun to watch the two babies interact and even have their own little conversations.

Come on, that's cute! Admit it.

I love watching baby E and my mom. I think she's been a bit slower to warm to him than she was the kid, which is understandable since she got to spend way more one-on-one time with the kid than she has baby E (totally our fault). So, for her to get that time, and to see the bond develop between the two of them = awesome.

Ah, this face. I adore this face. Well, maybe not this  particular face he's making since he looks kinda crazy, but his face in general .  I adore him when we're camping. See, he gets to run, and yell, and pick up sticks, and find rocks, and just be him. And he gets so worn out that he sleeps great at night, and even sometimes sleeps in (like 7:30 one morning - that's huge, people, like crazy late for him!). There's so much less of a need to be constantly telling him "stop", "no", "don't", etc... There's more "go", "run", "play", "get out your crazies". It's smiling and laughing, instead of fussing and frustration.

The kid posing, with his heart tattoo. It's an example of the things he gets to do when we're camping that we don't normally do. Like get temporary tattoos. And eat s'mores. And stay up past 8pm.

The jury's still out on nursing while camping. I mean, I do love nursing baby E. But, let's be honest here, when it's 90+ outside, having a baby snuggled up next to you 5 or 6 times a day (cause the other times are at night and it's kinda cold then) for 20 minutes, well, it's just not all that fun. It's not unfun enough that I won't do it, it's just not a super blissful experience, is all I'm sayin'.

So, overall, the trip was a success. We just have a few kinks to work out, such as who will sleep where(it seemed to work best for hubby and the kid to have 1 queen air mattress, and me to share the other with baby E, since he won't sleep in the pack-n-play and all), and how to keep the breastmilk frozen longer.

Today's lesson - Baths while camping have always been an interesting experience. The kid had baths in all kinds of places, and I suspect baby E will as well. This time, it was a plastic container we emptied out for this express purpose. It worked quite well. The lesson? When camping, improv is always necessary.

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