Monday, January 24, 2011

Yesterday's lesson

I just realized that I forgot to write a lesson yesterday. I was so nervous about putting that post out into the world, that I completely forgot. I didn't really have one prepared anyway. And what I ended up with was a lesson for me.

I was so afraid that what I would get would be negative reactions, albiet good intentioned ones. I was afraid that what I would get would be comments leading me to have to - or at least want to - further defend our decision. I was afraid that what I would get would be anything but supportive. And what I ended up getting, was a whole host of love and support. What I ended up getting was a cheerleading section, further encouraging me in milksharing. What I ended up getting was the words of the experienced, wise women who have been before me. What I ended up getting was the opposite of what I'd expected.

And my lesson? Sometimes when you expect the worst, you get the best. And that my friends, old and new, is an awesome lesson to have learned.


ali said...

I am glad the response was so positive! I'm slightly surprised, yet not. :)

This gives me hope that a blog post of mine for Wednesday will go over better than I am thinking it may (eeks). :)

Thanks again for your posting about the milk. :D

Amanda said...

Yep...there isn't one in KY, but this one is about a block from my house...let me know if I can help. People ship ice cream...can they ship milk?

maybe with all your free time (ha!) you could start a Milk Bank in Lexington....

Becky said...

People do ship milk :) The problem with milk banks is they often charge $3-4 per OUNCE!! Which is, obviously, cost prohibitive for most of us. It's awesome that there are still milk banks - there used to be tons of them (I remember my mom donating her extra milk from my brother to one at UK).