Thursday, December 18, 2014

A silly, frivolous post...

...because we all need that sometimes.

If money were no object, and, well, it weren't tacky to ask for, this is what I'd ask for for Christmas:

  • a weekly house cleaner to do the things I particularly hate (dusting! windows! floors!)
  • a 3 day vacation by myself. doesn't matter to where
  • monthly flowers delivered
  • to only have to work half-time
  • wood floors for the whole house
  • a Kitchen-aid stand mixer
  • a brand-spanking new Sienna minivan
  • a fancy camera
  • lessons on how to use said fancy camera
  • lots of Stitchfix gift certificates
  • to go to the Opera (I've never been and this seems like a tragedy to me!!)
  • a new washing machine (I have a new-ish one. I hate it. I want a new one that works)
  • a king-sized bed
  • a window in my office that opens
  • a vacation home in the mountains, near a river
If you could ask for anything (and I mean not like "world peace" or "racism to be abolished" because, well, of course, but selfish, dreaming kinds of things), what would you ask for??

Today's Lesson: Sometimes we all need a little frivolous dreaming in our lives.


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun!

I am totally with you on the weekly housecleaner. I could even go with every other week. I had that before and it was wonderful.

Working halftime sounds delightful.
White House Black Market gift certificates and styling session.
Pay off the entertainment center (custom, built in) my husband bought today.
Get my hair done every 4 weeks. I love freshly done hair.

Motleymommy said...

Hmmmm. I would like the ability to take a family vacation, anywhere, without money being worrisome. I want to go back to Disney and I think it will be awhile due to stupid stuff like new Windows and a driveway.