Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vacation in Pictures

I felt the need to steal some of my mom's pics and post them to further document our Hilton Head vacation.
We went for a dolphin tour. I was amazed by how close they came. A few came right up to the boat. So close that we could have touched them had we reached out our hands. Which I expressly forbade the boys to do, mind you. Dolphins have teeth, y'all.

"We are ready for the beach, momma."

This is pretty much what the kid did when he was at the beach. I mean he ran and jumped and "body surfed" (his words). But he did it all with great joy and abandon. One of my favorite things about this kid is that he lives life with gusto. He is in it.

He also danced and posed a lot in the ocean. Also with great joy.
This, however, is more illustrative of baby E's general opinion about the beach. For the most part he just wasn't a fan. Until the last day. Then he decided it was tolerable. Just possibly even a bit fun.
The pool, on the other hand, is now a favorite of baby E. He kept jumping in with his eyes and mouth closed and popping back up with a huge grin. I'm thrilled he now is a fan of swimming. Up til now, that's not really been the case.

We really enjoyed the biking. It made me want to get my own bike for home. You know, until I remembered that is isn't nearly as flat here as it is in Hilton Head. I could ride a bike all day there. Here, I'd make it down the hill from my house and then have to walk the bike back up.

All this talk and warning about all the alligators. We saw one (and not at our resort). Someone had to point it out, too, like we didn't even see it on our own. The boys were impressed with these signs though.

Should we go to HHI again, I think I'd like to stay at Sea Pines. Our area was nice (Royal Dunes), but, I gotta say, Sea Pines seemed super nice. We were a 3 min walk to the beach (literally) so that was wonderful.

We had fun just hanging out in the rockers at Sea Pines, people watching. E seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. 

He also tried to guilt me into giving him my ice cream. After he'd already finished his own. I didn't give in. I mean, I love him and all. But we were talking ice cream, on a 85 degree/90% humidity kind of day.

So, we just rocked some more.

And then we rode the "Charlies" (aka trolley) around. Which I'm pretty sure was the boys' favorite part of the whole trip. I have no idea why the boys call them "Charlies" but they do. And it's so cute that I don't feel inclined to correct them.
My favorite part of vacation was just being away from home (and work) and watching them experience the whole thing.
Today's Lesson: As wonderful as vacations are, it is also wonderful to be home.


Kristin J said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! We leave tomorrow for our trip to visit family in Vegas and then on to Disneyland!

Peg said...

We stay in Shipyard Plantation at HHI and absolutely love it. We are going the 1st week of August and can't wait. We also did the dolphin tour one year and the kids loved it. Did your kids like the playground in Sea Pines? We go every year just to get ice cream, climb the lighthouse and play there. My boys are crazy about the alligators of course :) Glad you had a good time.

Miss Monica said...

Love it!

M said...

It looks like a great vacation! I hope you're doing well. I miss your updates :)