Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Billy Goat

My baby E climbs. Every. Thing. The stairs. The couch. The DVD/bookcase. The kitchen chairs. His bed. The rocking chair. The high chair. Me. The baby gate. The kitchen table. The oven door. He climbs.

Also? My baby eats compost. Yes. That means exactly what you think it means. Baby E has eaten the scraps of food we set aside to throw outside into our compost pile (scraps that many of you would call "garbage"). While, of course, this isn't something we've served to him, still he's eaten it. More than once, she whispers. (hangs head in shame)

We can't keep him out of things. We can't keep him off of things. We can't keep things out of his mouth. You know, like out of cabinets. And off of the the kitchen table. And compost out of his mouth. He is simply into everything.

Now, I know kids go through a stage where this is the case, but, when I think back to how the kid was at this age...there is no comparison. The kid was never a climber, and he was fairly easily distracted. Baby E, however, is damn persistent. You may be able to distract him for a minute or even 5, but, by george, he will be back over there/up there/into that as soon as YOU forget about it. And then forty more times before he finally stops. And he only stops when he's good and ready to do so. You are simply an annoyance. Not a deterrent.

While in some ways I kind of admire his determination, mostly I find it exhausting. And, in truth, at times exceedingly frustrating. It's like I can hardly get anything done because I have to always be on the watch for what he's gotten into now. And then there are the times when I'm sure he is into/on something, but I weigh the risk with the benefit of having a few minutes to do ___________ (fill in the blank - mostly things like reading on my Kindle, or going to the bathroom, or putting away laundry). Usually I regret the few minutes, but I don't know what else to do.

I know these days are limited. I know it won't be like this  forever. But it sure is tiresome.

But, then I catch him sitting on the kitchen table with a banana peel hanging out of his mouth, grinning from ear to ear, clearly incredibly proud of himself. And I can't help but giggle as I pull the peel out of his mouth and take him over the sink to clean the goo off of his face and hands. I move the chairs away from the table and my kitchen looks ridiculous with them scattered all about. But it's the only way I can get a few minutes of peace. And, besides, he seems to find the challenge of how to get back up on the table enjoyable. It will at least give me 30 minutes to read another chapter of a new book.

My little billy goat. He makes life never boring.

Today's lesson: Parenting comes with unique challenges. And unexpected joys as well. Who'd have thought seeing your baby eat garbage would be the  highlight of your day?


Motleymommy said...

Oh goodness! I have one of those too! Billy Goat title makes me laugh. Z is not quite as advanced as E, yet. He figured out how to climb up on furniture this weekend, so I suspect we are not far behind. We are entering a whole new world of chaos and chasing! Our bathroom garbage has been living on top of the toilet since he was 5 months old.... our guests laugh. I do not.

Lauren said...

I'm telling you, L & E are kindred spirits! All except for the compost (because we don't compost!). Every item in our house is a new challenge on how he can climb it or overcome the obstacle. Yes, it's great, but I can never seem to get anything around the house done either (God bless my mom for doing laundry while she watches him). One day I'll miss it this phase but right now, I just want to get some stuff done around the house!

Emms said...

Oh my, its so endearing! At least they weren't both climbers ;) insert evil laugh here.... As you said, this too shall pass.

Jenn and Casey said...

Hahaha. He sounds like quite the character ;)